Weekly Report 2021, September 6 - 12

Slower week this time as Monday was off due to US Labor Day. Apart from reviewing and merging pull requests, I spent some time on Thursday getting to know Datasette, fiddling with the SQLite data format to find one that lends itself best to analytical queries, and making sure that the dataset can be periodically updated. I’ll be writing a separate post with the findings from that.

Stats for this week

  • issues: 12 closed
  • PRs: 2 authored, 38 closed, 2 reviewed


This week saw the release of Python 3.10.0rc2. With that out of the way, a number of 3.10 backports unsuitable for 3.10.0 could be merged.

We’re now testing CPython 3.9+ with the final version of OpenSSL 3.0.0. This is an important milestone, the issue around supporting version 3.0.0 was created in November 2019!

With 3.10 close to release, there’s more eyes on 3.11 codewise. One particularly interesting coincidence were two cases of speedups regarding releasing the GIL during certain operations. The first one is around os.scandir() whereas the second one was about os.isatty(). The latter wasn’t just about performance though as we discovered it lead to a rare deadlock. Fixes in this case went to 3.10 and 3.9 as well.

This week also continued removing overdue deprecations, like the already disabled reuse_address in asyncio’s UDP endpoint. We’re looking at removing more for next week, including the long-deprecated assert and fail method names in unittest. Serhiy is on fire with unittest upgrades, this week in particular fixing a long-standing inaccuracy in sub-test status reporting as well as preparing pull requests (still to be reviewed) to add support for context management straight in TestCases or reorder failure-related operations to match documentation.

Detailed Log


Did not work: Labor Day in the US.








Coding day.