This is how I probably spend most of my time. For the past 15 years that was predominantly Python with a hint of C. In 2022 I'm opening this up to new adventures.

Hey, come work with me on CPython full time!

There is a job opening for the Deputy CPython Developer in Residence. You should consider it, it’s an adventure of a lifetime!

Weekly Report, November 22 - 28

This was a week where I tried something new. Instead of cutting through tens of shallow PRs, I focused deeply on a single one. I installed Irit Katriel’s GH-29581 to try out PEP 654’s new except* and ExceptionGroup objects.

Notes From the Meeting On Python GIL Removal Between Python Core and Sam Gross

During the annual Python core development sprint we held a meeting with Sam Gross, the author of nogil, a fork of Python 3.9 that removes the GIL. This is a non-linear summary of the meeting.

Where does all the effort go? Looking at Python core developer activity

One of the tasks given me by the Python Software Foundation as part of the Developer in Residence job was to look at the state of CPython as an active software development project. What are people working on? Which standard libraries require most work? Who are the active experts behind which libraries? Those were just some of the questions asked by the Foundation. In this post I’m looking into our Git repository history and our Github PR data to find answers.

I am the new CPython Developer in Residence

This is some of the most amazing news in the past few years for me. Python needs full-time development to stay competitive, I’ve been talking about this for years, dreaming about it for even longer than that. Now it’s becoming a reality. Today is my first day. It’s both scary and exciting.

Why does `Black` insist on reformatting my entire project?

Some thoughts about why Black recommends adopting it by reformatting your entire codebase in one go and refuses to do “region reformatting”. This started as a tweet but there’s a bit too much content for 280 characters.

Why the sad face?

When you first encounter Black, a few things about it might surprise you. One of the those things might be "sadface dedent", the style in which closing parentheses in function signatures and other block headers are put on its own line. I arrived at this formatting style long before creating the auto-formatter. It’s got a few objective advantages.

Adding FM synthesis to Polyend Medusa

I’m very excited this is out: I added digital FM synthesis to a popular hardware synthesizer, Polyend Medusa, used by some personal heroes of mine like Richard Barbieri or Eraldo Bernocchi.

Zen of Python, Again

There used to be a different blog here which I started in March 2012. The first entry was called “The Zen of Python and Me” where I went through each of the koans and explained what it meant to my day-to-day Python programming. What changed since then?