Hey, come work with me on CPython full time!

There is a job opening for the Deputy CPython Developer in Residence. You should consider it, it’s an adventure of a lifetime!

You can find the details on what the job entails and what the requirements are in the link above, so I will focus on a less formal description of why I think it’s one of the coolest things you can be doing currently with your programming skills. It’s truly exciting to see Bloomberg sponsoring this opportunity!

The turning point for Python

I see the current flurry of activity in the Python project, and it’s hard to overestimate how special this time is.

Joining the team right now would put you in a special position where you’d help release the final version of Python 3.12, the most advanced Python version yet, but also actively work on shaping what Python 3.13 will be.

No strings attached

I’m happy to see many people being able to work on Python these days. There are people employed by Anaconda, Red Hat, Microsoft, and many others to work on Python. We see unprecedented investment in the language and runtime from Meta, Bloomberg, and Google. All three are Visionary Sponsors of the Python Software Foundation, and in fact Meta is sponsoring my position, while Bloomberg is sponsoring the position that you’re reading about right now!

What I’d like to highlight is that working for the Python Software Foundation directly is probably the purest way you can do this kind of work. As a non-profit organization, it doesn’t answer to shareholders. As a neutral employer, it isn’t driven by markets, products, and profits. It is an Equal Opportunity Employer so you can be your true self.

This is an opportunity to work directly on making the world a better place.

What’s a “deputy” anyway?

The naming of the role includes a term that is seldom used in hiring for software roles. In fact, English is not my native language, and when I first heard it, it brought to mind law enforcement and that Bob Marley song. So why the term?

I wrote about how adding more than one person to the Developer in Residence program is an important success multiplier. Bloomberg stepped up and offered sponsorship for the inaugural year for somebody to help me. They did point out that it would be nice if the role could be open to a wider range of developers, not just those who are already seasoned experts. It could be an opportunity for the existing Dev in Rez (that’s me) to mentor and onboard another contributor.

This focus is also reflected in the compensation range for the position, and as such it felt right to name this role accordingly.

However, we specifically didn’t call it a “Junior” role, or a “Support” role. We do expect the Deputy to be highly qualified and effective, with a lot of influence on what the day-to-day work will entail. While the position reports to me, I don’t intend to micro-manage. Trust is key!

Can a non-core developer apply?

Yes, in this case we would work with you to become a CPython Triager first and work your way up to full core developer status.

Some words about risk management

Next week I’m entering my third year as the CPython Developer in Residence. The role is dependent on external funding (again, shout out to Meta for enabling me to do this!) and as such might not end up being renewed at some point. A few years back I would say that this is less stable than a full-time position, and sure, maybe it is. At the same time, given the recent recession and widespread layoffs, in a way such a position is more predictable, as the PSF gets its funding from a variety of sources and isn’t riding the same market forces as tech companies.

In any case, you need to take this into account when applying. Your performance will have influence on sponsors renewing the role for another year, but the Python Software Foundation cannot guarantee it will happen.

You might really love it!

To end on a positive note though, this role is funded for twelve months. That’s plenty of time for long-lasting impact. Well paid, no crunch, no corporate politics. You should seriously consider it!

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