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I Made My 2018 Macbook Pro Run Quietly with Ableton Live

I like my Intel MacBook Pro and will probably hold onto it for a while. But for music production it’s been more than a little annoying with its tendency to blast fans at full speed. I’m happy to say I solved that problem!

Micro blogging: a new attempt 12 months later

You might have read about why I decided to attempt a twist on the typical split between walled gardens and traditional blogs. It never got off the ground but I think now I have something better.

Micro blogging: why

While it’s so easy these days to publish things online, it always bugged me how little we have to say about the platforms we use for this purpose. This is an attempt to find a better way for my personal needs.

"IN" devices, "OUT" devices

I always had a craving for a device that would fix my productivity issues. Years ago I imagined if I could just keep my notes, tasks, reminders and e-mails in one place, that would be it. Mail.app in Leopard introduced this feature, I bought it on release day. That didn’t fix it.