Weekly Report, May 16 - 22

I need to return to those logs, it’s been a while since I made one. This one isn’t particularly exciting but puts me back on track!

This week’s highlight is probably the release of Python 3.9.13 which closes the 3.9 branch for regular bug fixes. Due to this, I went and looked at the PRs that are still marked with a “needs backport to 3.9” label. I merged most of them to 3.9, some only to 3.10+, and rejected a few since they were outdated.

Plans for next week

PyCon Lithuania happens in Vilnius on May 26th and 27th. I will be opening the conference with a keynote on mypyc. Apart from that I’ll be reviewing and landing pull requests per usual. Larger plans in June.

The week in numbers

  • issues: 3 closed
  • PRs: 1 authored, 35 closed, 2 reviewed

Detailed Log




Worked on the keynote for PyCon Lithuania.