Weekly Report, September 27 - October 3

Another week gone by, and fast! This week I spent almost entirely on analyzing the Github contributor activity data. The blog post on it is still not finished yet, data quality turned out to be an issue so I had to redo parts of that. And between you and me, I’m a relatively slow coder.

No highlights this week since my mind’s fully on the contributor activity report. I really need to get this data analysis finished. But if you’re reading this, Python 3.10.0 is coming out on Monday! Join the Release Manager Pablo Galindo Salgado and some guests (yes, including yours truly) at the 3.10 release party!

This week in numbers

  • issues: 6 closed
  • PRs: 28 closed, 6 reviewed
  • blog post: 2,500 words and counting
  • Github API requests made: 100,000+
  • highest altitude reached: 17,500 ft

Detailed Log


Coding day.









Unplanned day off to fly a Cirrus SR22T. Here’s a shot of Poznań’s Old Market:

Friday through Sunday

Coding and working on the blog post. I really wanted it done by end of this week! 😫