Weekly Report, June 13 - 19

This week was almost entirely focused on iOS build support for CPython. I’m writing a blog post on my adventures with this. I also spent some time with the CLA bot. In terms of pull requests, I barely closed 13.

Plans for next week

Finish my talk for EuroPython, publish the blog post on building Python 3.11 for iOS, make some more improvements to CLA bot like the ability to query whether a Github username signed the CLA.

Detailed Log

Monday - Wednesday

Worked on running Python on iOS.



Most time spent looking for the CLA bot HTTP 500, but frustratingly most of the day spent trying to create a good testing environment for this. With Github-centered workflows that rely on Web hooks, proper TLS, and so on, it was somewhat non-obvious to me how I can test changes to a living installation.